Brazilian Peel Antidote to Aging System


Sometimes, my brain has to take a beat before remembering my age. Then it hits me. I'm 55. I don't feel much different than I did in my 30s or 40s. But that "middle-aged" woman in the mirror looks more and more like my mother every day. (Thank goodness, my mom has sensational skin!)

But wouldn't it be nice to peel away the years and reveal a younger you? That's why I wanted to try the Brazilian Peel Antidote to Aging system. It's a 30-day, at-home treatment that revives your complexion by using glycolic acid to remove the upper layer of dead skin cells. Even better, this professional-strength formula is designed to be simple to use, safe and effective with no unpleasant side effects. 


Brazilian Peel photo.jpgWhat the Experts Say

When it comes to glycolic peels, timing is everything. An effective glycolic facial requires a perfectly timed neutralizer step to deactivate the potent active ingredient. Since many women don't understand this delicate dance, they leave the treatment to the professionals or risk irritation, redness and sensitivity from peeling incorrectly at home.


The new, time-released Brazilian Peel formula streamlines the process into one simple step. Five times stronger than the average at-home peel, the self-neutralizing treatment combines 30 percent glycolic acid with nourishing acai, a natural antioxidant from the Brazilian rainforest.


The Brazilian Peel Antidote to Aging System includes daily and weekly treatments to cleanse, refine and smooth your skin so it looks younger and brighter and feels firmer. The threesome prevents the visible signs of aging and can, with regular weekly use, improve the appearance of fine lines, skin texture and discoloration. 



What I Tested

I tried the 30-day Antidote to Aging System by Advanced Home Actives. It includes a daily BPR Cleanser, daily Micropeel Booster Pads and weekly Brazilian Peel.


What I like

This set gives you an excuse to take 15 minutes for yourself. During this mandatory beauty break, you cleanse your skin with BPR Cleanser and apply the weekly Brazilian Peel treatment. Then relax for 10 minutes while this intensive therapy works to exfoliate your skin.


The weekly peel is easy to use. You just open the syringe-like dispenser and press down to release pre-measured, equal amounts of active ingredients and neutralizer into your palm. Use two fingers to mix the contents together till they feel luxuriously warm. Then enjoy the soothing sensation as you rub the peel over your face and neck. Ten minutes later, the time-released neutralizer automatically deactivates the glycolic acid ... no guesswork, no second step, no mistakes. You just rinse and continue with your normal beauty routine.


The cleanser and Micropeel Booster Pads extend the benefits of the weekly treatment. You use the pads for exfoliation on days when not using the stronger peel. All three products blend glycolic acid and acai to get the job done.


You don't have to worry about showing your face afterwards because the dermatologist-tested trio is safe and non-irritating. That gave me the confidence I needed to give them a go. And I'm glad I did because instead of breaking out in ugly red patches (been there, done that), my skin has a nice glow after trying this smart skin system for about a week.


Great for Boomers, these products help your skin retain moisture while tightening, firming and plumping it. That means you can stress less about fine lines, wrinkles, blemishes and dark spots. Since this set helps remove oil, it's especially effective for those with adult or hormonal acne.


On the Shelf

Available at Sephora,, and



$120 for the full Antidote to Aging System or $78 for Brazilian Peel alone (4 treatments - one month's supply); $23 for one treatment


Thank you to Brazilian Peel for providing a free sample for review and testing.




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