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4 Magic-Making Mascaras

By Charlotte on January 16, 2013 6:30 AM

Sometimes, we don't appreciate the little things until they're gone. That realization hit me big time Thanksgiving three years ago.

Having just finished six rounds of chemotherapy, I was so, so THANKFUL to be alive and done with that terrifying breast cancer treatment. I considered myself very lucky because although I'd lost all my hair, I still had eyelashes. Woops, I spoke too soon! About a week later, every last lash fell out and I was crushed.


I spent the next what-seemed-like-an-eternity-but-was-only-five-months struggling with false eyelashes (some days they'd look great, some days they wouldn't), using Latisse in the hopes of jump starting regrowth and praying for things to return to normal. When they eventually did, I bid farewell to the falsies, hoping I'd never have to go near them again. There were simply too many bad memories there.



After fighting to get my lashes back, I have a firm no-rough-stuff policy.



That's why I'm incredibly picky about the mascara I wear. It's got to be BLACK since my lashes came back blonde. It's got to make my lashes look longer AND thicker because, although I'm very grateful for what I have, my brother David got the best eyelashes in our family. Go figure. And it can't be difficult to get off. After fighting to get my lashes back, I have a firm no-rough-stuff policy.


These four, magic-making mascaras fill all those requirements and more. Besides beefing up the finest fringe, they separate hairs without any chance of clumping, even when coloring finicky lower lashes. In my book, that's one of the top tests of wear-worthy mascara. What's more, you don't have to fear flaking or fading when under the spell of these sure-to-stay-with-you wizards.HYPNOSE_STAR- HIGH RES2 80.jpg



Lancome Hypnose STAR Show Stopping Volume Mascara


What it is: Lancome's most glamorous mascara.


What I like: Inspired by 1930s Hollywood films, this luxurious eye maker brings on the drama a la Betty Boop or my long-time classic movie fav Bette Davis (think Jezebel, 1938). The volumizing formula in 01 Noir Midnight is a must for date night because a few sweeps with the dual-sided brush takes my barely there lashes to new lengths. Reaching both long and baby hairs with ease, Lancome Hypnose Star also builds volume at the lash line. Plus, it comes in a sparkling sequin case that adds to the red carpet vibe.  


On the Shelf: $28 exclusively at Sephora

Lash Control 80.jpg



LashControl Volumizing and Conditioning Mascara


What it is: A botanically enriched mascara that conditions lashes and helps keep them healthy.


What I like: This beeswax-based, lash-friendly formula comes in a why-didn't-I-think-of-that squeezable tube that puts you in control. The more you squeeze; the less mascara on the brush. For a more natural daytime look or when coloring lower lashes, squeeze a lot. Squeeze a little and apply several layers to go for bold. Although there are three colors, I'm wild about LashControl's purple squeeze tube with its INTENSE, 2X black formula and zig-zag brush that helps build va-va-voom volume.


On the Shelf: $20 at Lashcontrol.com


Full Blown Volume Lash Mascara 89.jpg


Laura Mercier Full-Blown Volume Lash Building Mascara


What it is: A lightweight, thickening mascara infused with nutrients


What I like: Also designed to pump up the volume, this fabulous find comes highly recommended by a friend who says she wears it every day. It's easy to understand why because, thanks to a "glazing" gel-formula and bullet-shaped brush, Laura Mercier's maximum-impact mascara thickens, sculpts and shapes each lash so well people notice. Besides making your lashes look incredibly full and encouraging curl, this black mica-infused wonder conditions with provitamin B5 and pure olive oil to leave them healthy, soft and shiny ... never stiff.


On the Shelf: $24 at Neiman Marcus, Saks Fifth Avenue, Nordstrom, BlLash Love Mascara copy 54.jpgoomingdale's, Sephora and Lauramercier.com



TIGI Lash Love Black Mascara


What it is: A water-resistant and pH balanced mascara


What I like: True to its name, this clever TIGI lash enhancer helps you love your lashes. The great, plastic brush makes it easy to add thickness while separating your lashes ... no comb or second brush needed. You can increase the WOW factor by holding the brush vertically to coat lashes individually. The water-resistant, black formula lasts through weddings, funerals and watching your favorite tearjerkers. (I'll be wearing this one to Les Miserables!) But there's never a fight when it's time to take it off.


On the Shelf: $19 at salons. Visit TIGIprofessional.com for locations.




We'd like to shout out a big "Thank You" to the brands in this post

for providing free samples for review and testing.



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