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Remotely Possible

5 Websites Every Guy Should Bookmark

By Bob on February 28, 2013 2:12 AM | Read More

Charlotte and were only married a couple of weeks when something broke and it became my manly duty to fix it. We were newlyweds and I hadn't yet revealed to her my webbed feet and my inability to repair anything. I did my best to fix it.

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Comfort Corner

2-Step Chicken and Dumplings

By Charlotte on February 27, 2013 6:39 AM | Read More

When Bob and I crave comfort food, I know I can count on this quick-and-easy Chicken n' Dumplings recipe to fill the bill.

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Daily Distraction

Got a Light?

By Bob on February 26, 2013 3:49 AM | Read More

On second thought, maybe you just better keep it.

Got a light-500.jpg

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Do Your Baked Goods a Big Favor: Enter Our Flavor-It Giveaway

By Charlotte on February 22, 2013 1:07 AM | Read More

When Bob and I married, I wasn't much of a cook. But I learned a lot from my mother-in-law Jo.

Besides turning me on to classics like Comforting Chicken and Rice Casserole, she believed the best baked goods (pies, cakes, cookies, you name it) must start with the very best vanilla. Always generous, she stocked both her pantry and mine (thank you very much!) with her favorite variety.  

Want to see what it means to go first class? We've teamed up with the vanilla specialists at Nielsen-Massey to do your baked goods a favor. Since 1907, their family has been making flavorings in the purest, most natural way. No imitations allowed. And we're giving away 2, approximately $68-value collections of their popular cooking inspirations.

We're giving away 2, approximately $68 prize packages from Nielsen-Massey Vanillas. Flavorings & Book - 600.jpg


You could pack your pantry with some of the world's finest flavorings FREE thanks to Nielsen-Massey Vanillas.
We're giving away 2, approximately $68 collections of their world-renown cooking inspirations. Each includes premium vanillas, flavorings and a 123-page cookbook overflowing with delicious ideas for using them.
Click "Read More" for details on our Flavor-It Giveaway. Contest* ends March 14! 


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Daily Distraction

Isn't That Just Peachy

By Bob on February 19, 2013 3:23 AM | Read More

Boy, is my face red...err, I mean yellow...oh just forget it.

Not A Great Value-448.jpg

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Don't Try This At Home

The 7 Photos in Every Family Album

By Bob on February 18, 2013 4:26 AM | Read More

For the past 5 months, I've been hip-deep in grainy, black & white photos and Kodachrome slides so faded they're almost transparent.

Both of my parents passed away in the past 18 months, so I took on the task of digitizing their fragile family memories before they disappeared for good.

It's been an eye-opening experience. Not because of what I found (no evil twins, alien encounters or second gunmen firing from the grassy knoll) but because of the TON of stuff I found that was ALIKE. Lemme' 'splain.

My brother cheats death once moreBlowing Out Candles - 600.jpg

For 60 years, our family's taken pictures of the same things. Sure, there are different houses, different fashions...even different food, but it's the same subject in every photo I've seen. Since my journey begins in the early 50s, it's been like Groundhog Day with questionable linoleum, ugly wallpaper, turquoise toasters and harvest gold refrigerators.

The only thing that sets our family photos apart from meebe yours, is that we live in the SOUTH (we may have lost the War of Northern Aggression, but rest assured we'll win the war of Instagram). There are a couple of decidedly southern subjects that we probably photograph more than you, but trust me we're all taking pictures of the same stuff.

Don't believe me? See if you recognize your family: 

7 Photos in Your Family Album


1. Blowing Out Candles

Why do we take this picture? Is it to show that we a) know how to breathe, b) excel at exhaling, or c) like cheating death by getting dangerously close to fire?



 We can look like road kill the other 364 days of the year...

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Catching Up With..

Catching Up With...Diane Omdahl

By Bob on February 15, 2013 4:27 AM | Read More

Diane Omdahl is one of those fascinating Boomers who is never satisfied - and I mean that in a good way.

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Playing Favorites

Diana Krall

By Bob on February 14, 2013 4:51 AM | Read More

Like many Boomers, I have a concert bucket list. I've been fortunate enough to live long enough to see many of my favorite performers live in concert (Dylan, CSNY, Jackson Browne, Tom Petty, Fleetwood Mac, The Eagles, etc.) but there are a few names I haven't checked off my list. Notable among these remaining scratch-offs is Diana Krall. Charlotte and I will remedy THAT little oversight this May when she blows through Dallas/Fort Worth with her 2013 tour.

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Guest Room

10 Secrets to a Friendly Divorce

By Charlotte on February 13, 2013 6:48 AM | Read More

By Dr. Judith Ruskay Rabinor, Ph.D.


Fifty-two year old Rona arrived distraught and tearful to a recent therapy group I run. Her 31-year-old son Joey was getting married. Although he and his father were distant since the divorce decades earlier, and his father had lived across the country for years, Joey had decided he wanted to include his father in the wedding. Rona had been looking forward to this big day, but now she was filled with dread, anticipating feeling awkward, sad and alone.

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Daily Distraction

Somebody Doesn't Have a Date for Valentine's Day

By Bob on February 12, 2013 3:17 AM | Read More

This was my first clue:

Somebody Doesn't Have a Date for Valentine's Day-415.jpg

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Here's the Dish

Texas-Perfect Buffalo Ranch Artichoke Dip

By Charlotte on February 10, 2013 6:50 AM | Read More

Most everyone has a favorite artichoke dip recipe. We love this new, buffalo wing sauce-inspired version because it has a Texas-perfect kick.

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Remotely Possible

5 Free Apps to Help You Manage Your Busy Life

By Bob on February 8, 2013 5:38 AM | Read More

Charlotte and I are both Type A types. We love multitasking and we're never without a cellphone, iPad, magazine, catalog, you name it.

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In the Mirror

LiLash Purified Eyelash Serum

By Charlotte on February 7, 2013 3:08 PM | Read More

Time for a victory dance! I'm celebrating because one of my favorite doctors, Dr. Danielle LeBlanc, found no cause for alarm during my annual breast exam. Whew! That is HUGE for a three-almost-four-year breast cancer survivor like me.

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Daily Distraction

This One Doesn't Pass the Smell Test

By Bob on February 5, 2013 2:14 AM | Read More

Lemme give you a clue...

What's that smell-400.jpg

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Don't Try This At Home

Get Your Freak On

By Bob on February 4, 2013 3:03 AM | Read More

Since my father passed away, I've been steadily making my way through decades of historical artifacts. It's hard to imagine WHY people keep stuff, but Ima telling y'all I never know just WHAT I'll find next.

Sometimes, the stuff is downright weird. Like this story I found at the bottom of a 1920's newspaper article on my grandfather:

Freaks Sought-432.jpgI Googled Captain Salisbury and couldn't find any mention of him finding freaks in China or Africa. Hell, for all I know he gave up his cockeyed idea and was just content to have a steak named after him. 

Ol' Capt'n Sal didn't have to go all the way to China to find freaks. There are plenty of 'em everywhere if you just look at...  

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Get a Lift from a Luxurious, Anti-Aging Skincare Duo ... FREE

By Charlotte on February 1, 2013 9:05 AM | Read More

Res_WrinkleCream 100.jpgWouldn't it be nice to give your skin a wake-up call?  Convince it to think young and forget about aging?

 Res_Eye_Complex 85.jpg

That's the theory behind Resvology, an age-defying skincare line launched in January at the Sundance Film Festival. It aims to interrupt aging by working with your genes to help skin act younger and keep skin cells from getting older.


Resvology is made with a proprietary 4-AR Molecule, which helps prevent the visible signs of aging by stimulating more than 85 key, skin-related genes. Clinical trials have shown this molecule helps fuel healthy gene activity by 330%, encouraging firmer, smoother, more lifted and optimally hydrated skin.


Want to see for yourself? One lucky Boomer Babe will have a chance to do just that because Bob and I have teamed up with this gene-smart brand to give away two age-defying treatments.


Valued at $218, this prize package includes Resvology's Age Corrective Wrinkle Treatment and Age Corrective Eye Cream.


In addition to the 4-AR Molecule, this dynamic duo includes a host of age-fighting antioxidants to nourish and hydrate skin. Although they're designed for all skin types, the potent pair has done wonders for my dry, on-the-sensitive-side complexion.  



Resvology's Age Corrective Wrinkle Treatment and Eye Cream



You could win Resvology's age-defying skincare duo ($218 value), FREE. It's the only skincare made with the proprietary 4-AR Molecule, clinically proven to activate genes responsible for keeping skin acting and looking younger.


Click "Read More" for details on how to enter. Contest ends Feb. 21!


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Red Thong Strong: Girlfriends Little Secrets to Smoothing Lifes Panty Lines
Guest Room

Diabetes-Friendly Chicken Burrito Bowl

ChickenBurritoBowlEverydayDiabetes 600.jpg

By Laura Cipullo and Lisa Mikus, authors of Everyday Diabetes Meals
Image credit: Colin Erricson

Prepare your own Mexican quick fix with this Chipotle-inspired bowl. Carbs are moderated by filling the bowl with beans, extra veggies and chicken. No need for rice, since the beans count as carbs.


If you love tomatoes, increase the quantity to 1/2 cup, but note that the carbohydrates will also increase.

If preparing this recipe for one person, cut all of the ingredients in half. Or simply prepare the full recipe up to the end of step 2 and store leftover chicken and vegetable-bean mixture in separate airtight containers in the refrigerator for up to 2 days. Reheat in the microwave on High for 1 to 2 minutes, or until heated through, and continue with step 3.

Health Bite: The iron, calcium, magnesium, manganese, copper and zinc in black beans help to keep bones strong and healthy.

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Playing Favorites

Windy City

It's been almost 18 years since Alison Krauss gave us a solo album, but the wait is over with Windy City. The release (her fifth solo studio album) features ten covers of classic songs (and some bonus tracks) she picked with producer Buddy Cannon.

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