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Score a Skin-tastic Set of Natural-Powered Sunscreens ... FREE

By Charlotte on June 28, 2013 1:18 AM | Read More

I'm committed to using sunscreen every day because I know it's one of the best things you can do for your skin. Besides protecting against harmful UVA/UVB rays, it can slow the aging process.

Although I have yet to sell Bob on my routine (men!), this time of year he has no choice but to join me. It's July. We live in Texas where the temperature's sure to top 100 most days. And our skin (even Bob's) seems more susceptible to burning than back in the day. Then I survived sun-filled outdoor concerts like Austin's 1976 Sunday Break (Peter Frampton Comes Alive! Woo Hoo!) wearing nothing more than a homemade, yellow halter top, jean cutoffs and baby oil. Talk about a big NO, NO now but that was BB (before Bob) and before we knew anything about skin cancer.

Today, whether working in the yard or playing at the beach, Bob and I have to put on sunblock with an SPF of at least 30 or we'll regret it BIG TIME later. We like something that's water resistant and good for our skin.



You could score a skin-tastic set of Aveeno's dermatologist-recommended sunscreens.

We're giving away 2, approximately $52-value prizes including 5 of their Active Naturals-powered sunblocks to keep your family sun safe this summer.

Click "Read More" for details on how to enter. Contest* ends July 22!

Sunscreen - 600.jpg

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Remotely Possible

6 MORE Tech Myths BUSTED!

By Bob on June 27, 2013 3:34 AM | Read More

Think you know all there is to know about buying gadgets and paying the best price for technology? Ummmm...maybe you should check this list to see if you're really in the know.

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Daily Distraction

Relax, They Can't Repossess Our Lawn

By Bob on June 25, 2013 5:27 AM | Read More

Then again, maybe they can...

Repossesed Lawn-600.jpg

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Don't Try This At Home

I Totally Get Brooklyn Now

By Bob on June 24, 2013 4:55 AM | Read More

Our son Cole has lived in Brooklyn, New York for almost two years now. It's been an adjustment for us almost as much as it's been for Cole. I said almost, because you can't appreciate what it's like to live somewhere until, well, you actually LIVE there.

Manhattan Panorama-600.jpg

Since Charlotte and I aren't moving to Brooklyn anytime soon (who am I kidding, I might as well say ever), we have developed a deeper appreciation of the city. Every town comes with a pre-packaged stereotype.

People in New York think everyone in Texas wears a cowboy hat, drives a truck and owns a ranch (well if the stereotype fits...).

In Texas, we think New York's an urban jungle full of concrete, steel and people who are always in a hurry and call it NU-YAWK. Ok, part of that's true, too. But, the concrete and steel part?      

Not so fast.

Thanks to our Brooklyn-by-way-of-Colleywood-Texas-son, we're discovering there's a lot more to the city than Times Square and the monkey-on-meth hyperactivity of Midtown Manhattan. Brooklyn's the Big Apple's hip cousin and there's a lot of scenery if you know where to look.

Here's a look at one of our favorite walking tours up to the Brooklyn Heights Promenade.

Yep, that's the Brooklyn Bridge. A guy tried to sell it to me on our first visit to the city.1- Brooklyn Bridge 4-600.jpg

Truman Capote lived over here

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In the Mirror

5 Fast Fixes to Help You Look Younger

By Charlotte on June 23, 2013 8:07 AM | Read More

Watching This Is 40 recently, I really related to Debbie's (Leslie Mann's) dilemma. She's a busy working mother/wife struggling with turning the big 4-0. In fact, she hates the idea so much she hides the truth, telling everyone she'll be 37 or 38 instead depending on her mood.

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Here's the Dish

Here's the Dish: Most-Requested King Ranch Chicken Casserole

By Charlotte on June 21, 2013 6:33 AM | Read More

I often turn to King Ranch Chicken Casserole when I want an easy meal. Besides being a top choice around our house, this classic casserole has a nice kick that makes it one of the most popular in Texas. Think Tex-Mex chicken lasagna with corn tortillas instead of noodles.

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Playing Favorites

Father John Misty

By Bob on June 20, 2013 4:36 AM | Read More

I used to think I knew a lot about music until the birth of our son, Cole. This kid came out of the womb with an encyclopedic knowledge of every musical genre from Robert Johnson to Daft Punk. I gotta confess it's 50% intimidating / 50% enlightening. But, it's also damn cool when he turns me on to a new performer like Father John Misty.

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Guest Room

Managing Weight, Mood and Sleep After 50

By Charlotte on June 19, 2013 6:31 AM | Read More

Weight, Weight ... Don't Tell Me!

By Sara Gottfried, M.D., author of the bestselling The Hormone Cure: Reclaim Balance, Sleep, Sex Drive and Vitality Naturally with The Gottfried Protocol

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Daily Distraction

There's A Party Here Every Night

By Bob on June 18, 2013 5:20 AM | Read More

Hoe Carnival-600.jpg

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Daily Distraction

He's Just Braggin'

By Bob on June 11, 2013 5:14 AM | Read More

Seriously, Dude...

Somebody's in for a Happy Honeymoon-600.jpg

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Don't Try This At Home

Grands Biscuit Mini Pizzas

By Bob on June 10, 2013 4:56 AM | Read More

I have a confession to make: I'm Bob and I'm a pizzaholic **Hi Bob!**. If I'd never met Charlotte (we celebrated 35 years last week), my weekly diet would consist of pizza, pizza, pizza, pizza, pizza, Mexican food and bean dip. 

We love our pizza here in Colleywood. Charlotte and I usually order takeout at least once every weekend from our favorite iFratelli. But, when we crave something a little more custom I'll whip up some pizza for us.

Grands Biscuit Mini Pizza - not so "mini" is it?!Grands Biscuit Pizza-600.jpg


They're super cheesy, really chewy and mouth-watering delicious!

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Remotely Possible

3 Great Price Checking Apps

By Bob on June 6, 2013 5:24 AM | Read More

Charlotte's the shopper at Boomer Brief HQ. She never leaves the house without her trusty coupons and she can smell a deal before they even put out the sign. She's GREAT at shopping. Me? Not so much.

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Daily Distraction

Awkward Card Dept.

By Bob on June 4, 2013 5:09 AM | Read More

When you care enough to send the very best...

Awkward Card-500.jpg

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Red Thong Strong: Girlfriends Little Secrets to Smoothing Lifes Panty Lines
Guest Room

Diabetes-Friendly Chicken Burrito Bowl

ChickenBurritoBowlEverydayDiabetes 600.jpg

By Laura Cipullo and Lisa Mikus, authors of Everyday Diabetes Meals
Image credit: Colin Erricson

Prepare your own Mexican quick fix with this Chipotle-inspired bowl. Carbs are moderated by filling the bowl with beans, extra veggies and chicken. No need for rice, since the beans count as carbs.


If you love tomatoes, increase the quantity to 1/2 cup, but note that the carbohydrates will also increase.

If preparing this recipe for one person, cut all of the ingredients in half. Or simply prepare the full recipe up to the end of step 2 and store leftover chicken and vegetable-bean mixture in separate airtight containers in the refrigerator for up to 2 days. Reheat in the microwave on High for 1 to 2 minutes, or until heated through, and continue with step 3.

Health Bite: The iron, calcium, magnesium, manganese, copper and zinc in black beans help to keep bones strong and healthy.

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Playing Favorites

Windy City

It's been almost 18 years since Alison Krauss gave us a solo album, but the wait is over with Windy City. The release (her fifth solo studio album) features ten covers of classic songs (and some bonus tracks) she picked with producer Buddy Cannon.

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