5 Things Keeping You From Losing Weight


We've all been there. There's nothing more frustrating than working out and not seeing any results. How many times have you wanted to yell at your body, "How many effin' miles do I have to walk on this treadmill before I see a difference?"

We have instant oatmeal, Minute Rice and microwave dinners. Why can't we have instant weight loss? As it turns out, YOU might be your own worst enemy. Check out this list to see if you're guilty of any of these accidental weight loss sabotage habits.

5 Things Keeping You From Losing Weight 

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1) Skipping Breakfast

Fewer meals mean fewer calories, right? Not so fast. You're doing yourself more harm than good in the long run. By skipping breakfast, you're setting yourself up for increased hunger and snacking later. Plus, because your blood sugar levels will be low, you're likely to go for sugary treats to keep energized, rather than healthier snacks.

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2) Relying on "Diet Food"

Pre-packaged meals marketed by weight-loss companies can be easier and healthier alternatives, but relying on them too much can hurt your weight-loss progress. "Diet" meals and other processed foods are still higher in sodium and lower in nutrients than unprocessed foods. We're all pressed for time, but try spending one evening per week cooking freezer meals high in natural ingredients like lean protein and veggies.

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3) Working Out The Same Way Every Time

I love to walk every day, but I've discovered that one of the biggest weight-loss killers is a workout in a rut. If your exercise plan always consists of the treadmill and the weight machines, try mixing it up with an alternative form of cardio like biking.

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4) Not Eating Enough

Sounds crazy, right? Sure, to lose weight you have to "eat less," but be careful not to eat too little. Not eating enough calories can make your body hold onto more fat. It's also dangerous because it also means that you're not supplying your body with all the nutrients necessary for healthy function.

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5) Dieting Obsessively

All or nothing dieting doesn't work because it's virtually impossible to stick with it. Pay attention to what you eat, but don't deny yourself the occasional treat. You'll just want it more - and you'll probably eat more of it if you don't treat yourself now and then. A strict diet with no wiggle room is a diet NOT a lifestyle change. And lifestyle change is what you're after if you really want to keep off the weight.


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Why Weight? is a column on diet, nutrition and making better choices so you can live a longer healthier life. The authors are not doctors and nothing here should be taken as medical advice. Always consult your physician before making any changes in diet, exercise, nutrition or cell phone provider (Let's face it doctors are just really, really smart, they know a lot about a lot of things). Our goal is simple: We want all Baby Boomers to live long enough to get back the money they've paid into Social Security since taking their first summer job. Remember, your children's inheritance isn't going to spend itself. It's up to you.

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