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Good Behavior

By Bob on January 26, 2017 4:23 AM

Remember when you watched Downton Abbey and thought, "Hey, I wonder what Lady Mary would look like as a meth addict." 

Yeah, me neither.

Michelle Dockery in TNT's Good Behavior

Good Behavior-600.jpgBut that's exactly what the folks at TNT were thinking. And against all conventional wisdom and sanity they cast Michelle Dockery in their new series Good Behavior. The southern noir-ish, suspense, sex drama features Dockery in a lead role that's so not Lady Mary you'll wonder if they're played by the same actress.

Trust me, they are.

Meet Letty Dobesh (Dockery) a substance-abusing con artist recently released from prison who's intent on gaining custody of her 10-year-old biracial son. There's just one problem. Her mother Estelle has custody and a restraining order that prohibits Letty from being within one thousand feet of her or the kid.

Letty has other issues.

There's her beleaguered parole officer who can't get her to make her parole appointments. Then there's her love interest, an Argentinian hitman named Javier who she meets while robbing a hotel room.

Things get even messier when she (NO SPOILER) tries to stop Javier from making a contract hit. It's a meet-cute worthy of an Elmore Leonard novel. Before you can say "Lord Grantham your cummerbund has come undone," she's on the lam with Javier.

A lot of steamy, southern sex ensues.

It's a rollicking, very R-rated good time (TNT bleeps out the f*#ks, but not much else). The characters are tortured, their life choices are often indescribably bad and some scenes (the dinner with Javier's family) are cringe-worthy. It's all infinitely watchable and an insane amount of fun.

If you're in the mood to see Lady Mary trade in her tiara for a crack pipe, then Good Behavior has your name all over it. Season One is airing now on TNT. Season Two will bow this fall.


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