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5 Brilliant Ways to Boost Your Smile

By Charlotte on March 8, 2013 6:14 AM

Being a Boomer Babe can be SIC ... a self-improvement challenge. 

Besides having issues with weight and waning eyesight, we've gotta worry about our lips doing a disappearing act. Unfortunately, they get thinner and prone to lines as we age because our bodies produce less of the stuff (collagen) that gives your pout that perky plumpness. The lines get worse if you smoke or, like me, haved an addiction to straws (no more of that!).

We could curse Mother Nature but why waste time? A little help from talented smile specialists like these can provide a lift that helps you forget your lips were ever a sore subject.

Supersmile 250.jpgSupersmile Ultimate Lip Treatment is a do-it-all lip therapy.

SuperSmile Ultimate Lip Treatment

Think lip balm on steroids. Powered by a patented H5X Replenishing Complex, this just-launched, do-it-all lip therapy exfoliates, nourishes, conditions and restores with a hint of vanilla-almond flavor. It also reduces inflammation, prevents chapping and protects from the environment while providing hydration that lasts and lasts.

Even better for us Boomers, this anti-aging pro from the makers of SuperSmile whitening toothpaste encourages collagen production so lips look smoother and fuller. One swipe before bed and first thing in the morning is usually all I need to keep smiling because you can reactivate this paraben-free balm by pressing your lips together. Since there's no need to reapply, you can stretch the benefits as well as your spending.

On tSkinn Plumping Lip Gloss.jpghe Shelf: $24 at Supersmilestore.com and NeimanMarcus.com

Skinn Cosmetics Lip 6X Gloss

Another new BFF for Boomer skin, Lip 6X Gloss adds sexy shine to a slew of anti-aging advantages. By combining treatment and gloss in one handy tube, the amplifying formula inspires plumper, smoother lips that shine without any icky, sticky feeling.  

As a bonus, the latest lip saver from Skinn Cosmetics includes micro-collagen filling spheres that work to fill in wrinkles and increase moisture as well as smile-brightening pigments that give teeth a whiter appearance. Wear this clear gloss alone or layered over your favorite lip stain. Either way, it's wonderful!

On the Shelf: $18.50 at Skinn.com

Lip 6X Gloss combines treatment and gloss in one handy tube.Laura_Mercier_Lip_Plumper_Wildberry 1 80.jpg
Laura Mercier's best-selling Lip Plumper comes in gorgeous colors like Wildberry.

Laura Mercier Lip Looks

Craving color? Laura Mercier has two Boomer-rific options made to take years off your pout:

Lip Plumper - This gloss-like jewel comes in nine gorgeous options, including my favorite purple-pink Wildberry. A natural choice for date night, it blends Ceramide 3 and collagen filling spheres to amp up your pout. Besides helping lips look fuller, smoother and sexier, it hydrates, moisturizes, soothes and softens so they feel fantastic. No wonder it's a best seller!

Creme Smooth Lip Colour - Palm Beach 80.jpgCrème Smooth Lip Colour - For spring, this luxurious lipstick comes in pretty coral Palm Beach, subtle mauve Royal Orchid, every girl's go-to Pink Pout and 11 other stunning new shades. Although it promotes a fuller, smoother look, you give up some of the lip plumper's amplifying power to get intense, long-wearing color. That's an easy trade-off considering the color doesn't bleed, feather, dry, fade, settle into lip lines or feel uncomfortable. Olive oil and vitamin E help keep lips healthy and happy.

Pretty coral Palm Beach is one of Laura Mercier's 14 unstoppable, new shades for spring.

On the Shelf: $30 lip plumper; $26 crème lip colour at Neiman Marcus, Saks Fifth Avenue, Nordstrom, Bloomingdale's Sephora and LauraMercier.com


Vault One Touch Lip Care

If you stay on the go, Vault is a must for your bag. Kind of like a ball-point pen for your lips, this clever, new gloss requires only one hand to uncap, apply and recap. Press the end and the gloss-coated brush pops out. You swish it on; then push a slim, side lever to close the tube. I call that crazy, addictive and so fun I have no excuse not to keep my lips conditioned!

There's no easier way to stay pretty while skiing, biking, running, even driving (you know that's more my speed!). Made from natural ingredients found on the Pacific Coast, this jojoba oil- and vitamin E-infused lip soother comes in soft, coral Earthquake and 15 other sensational shades.

On the Shelf: $16 at Vaulticon.comVault 2 320.jpg

Vault One Touch Lip Care requires only one hand to uncap, apply and recap.

We'd like to shout out a big "Thank You" to the brands in this post for providing free samples for review and testing.

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